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Who We Are

Carsplenty is an Automobile company which was established in February 2022. The company is an offshoot of Abeg Multilinks which has been existing for about 5 years. Abeg Autos, which is a subdivision of Abeg Multilinks is the arm that produced Carsplenty. Carsplenty was created out of the need to create a level playing ground for the vast population of people who are looking to either buy or sell their cars. Carsplenty is a platform where buying and selling of cars can be done with ease and from the comfort of users' homes through the mobile app which is available on all mobile devices. Carsplenty as a company, deals in mass purchase and sale of cars.

Our Vision

Carsplenty seeks to make the exchange of automobile hassle-free and seamless. Buying and selling of cars can be carried out from anywhere with the confidence that has been lacking. Individuals who are interested in making business out of this exchange also will also have a platform to do this.

Our Mission

The Carsplenty mobile App which is available on mobile phones of all sorts creates an avenue to buy cars form anywhere and sell to prospective buyers across various locations. The variety of users(buyers/sellers) on the platform is what will drive prices to a competitive level. Carsplenty will serve as a customer-driven market for all users.

Why Choose Us

CarsPlenty Nigeria is the first Nigeria Car Auction app where anyone can sell and buy cars with ease


We offer competitive prices

There are different cars with different budgets on the site


We offer trading within the app

Car dealers can buy cars and resell at a higher price on the app


Reduce the stress & hassel

Finding the car of your dreams doesn’t have to be mentally or financially draining. By choosing CarsPlenty Auction